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Murray Arnold


August 9, 1957 - September 12, 2021

Murray was immensely respected, appreciated, and loved by everyone at Hammond Realty. He was such a great fit with our team and culture.

Murray was known for his sound advice and sense of humour and knew many people near and far. He loved to connect with and help people, but he also loved his quiet time on the farm. Murray was a farmer at heart and could often be found checking crops and farming his quarter of land right up until the fall of 2020.

He was a loving father and remarked that if his girls (meaning his daughters and wife, Darlene) were good, he was good. He also loved the boys who the girls brought into the family and had a special relationship with each sonin-law. He was so proud to be a grandfather and loved his grandchildren dearly. Murray embodied all our core values, but of all his great qualities, family was of paramount importance to him. He loved to talk about his family with us. He was so proud and connected with them. It warmed our hearts to hear him talk about them with such pride, love, and admiration.

Murray will be greatly missed by his clients and everyone at Hammond Realty. Our deepest and most sincere condolences go out to Murray’s family and friends.